We offer the highest quality canvas prints from your photos or artwork. Our canvases are normally stretched over wood and stapled from the back, but can also be mounted. They come ready to hang and look great with or without a frame. We offer several different options for stretching and coating your canvas, ranging in size from 8x8 to 30x40.

We also offer a new metallic canvas option. It's similar to the regular canvas material, but with a glossy pearl finish. The metallic canvas is ideal for images with high contrast or bright, vibrant color.

For a better understanding of the many options available when placing a canvas order, continue reading below. Pricing information for canvas prints is available on our price list.

Stretching Options:

.75" bar width:
Our thinner bars give the canvas a slimmer look, allowing you to hang it on the wall by itself, or easily fit it into most standard-sized frames.

1.5" bar width:
Our thicker gallery style bars are ideal for hanging the canvas by itself with no frame. This modern style is recommended for larger-sized canvases.

Canvas prints can also be mounted on a variety of materials including foam core board, art board, and gator board. Foam core is a good option if the canvas is going directly into a frame. It is not recommended for hanging the canvas by itself. For a full listing of our mounting options, please see our price list.

Wrap Options:

Reflected Edge:
The outer edge of your image is mirrored on the wrapped sides. This is our most popular option, but it doesn't work well in every situation. If your photo is tightly cropped in on a person, parts of their head, arms, or legs may be reflected onto the side on the canvas.

Solid Edge:
Choose any color for the wrapped sides. Black and white are the most common.

Image-Wrapped Edge:
If your photo has enough extra room around each edge, we can wrap the image itself around the sides. However, this means that the image you see on the front of the canvas is a cropped version of the original. Either 1 or 1.5 inches will wrap around each side, depending on the bar width.

Note: The reflected edge is our standard option unless you specify otherwise when placing the order. If the reflected edge does not suit the image well, we use a solid edge.


Spray Coating: (Matte Finish)
The spray coating is a clear protective topcoat that offers enhanced UV durability and abrasion resistance.

Premium Coating: (Semi-Gloss Finish)
The premium coating is a high quality laminate. It offers maximum UV durability and protection against scratches and spillages.

Hand-Brushed Coating:
This unique coating gives the surface a textured appearance similar to a painting, while also providing a layer of protection.

Canvases can be ordered with no coating, but we strongly advise against it. Due to the nature of the ink, the printed surface is very delicate and easily damaged. Any slight bumps or friction against the surface of the canvas will create visible marks. Even oils and dirt from normal handling can sometimes be seen.