Definition: a digital fine art print made on a high-quality inkjet printer

We have the ability to reproduce paintings, drawings, and other two-dimensional artwork with amazing accuracy. The artwork is scanned to create a high resolution file, which is then color-corrected to match the original. Our technicians will run several test prints and compare them to the original, making adjustments along the way to fine tune every color. In order to ensure accuracy, we must have the artwork in our store throughout the scanning and printing process.

Giclée orders are normally printed on our 100% cotton, acid-free fine art watercolor paper, but we can also print on canvas or even photo paper if you prefer. Since we use archival inks, your fine art reproduction will last for years. The surface of the watercolor paper is soft with just a small amount of texture. It can also be used to print photographs.

Artwork that is highly textured, three-dimensional, metallic, fluorescent, or extremely glossy can usually be digitized, but may require extra time. In some cases it may be better to photograph the piece with a digital camera, which will be priced the same as scanning.

Giclée orders are priced by adding the scanning charge plus the cost of the print(s). Color-correcting is only included if prints are ordered with scanning. Digital images can be provided on disc or emailed for an additional charge.