Photo Restoration & Retouching

Photographs are fragile. No matter how careful you are, you have probably lost a cherished family photo to water damage, fading, cracking, or crinkling. Now, through the magic of digital photo editing, most photos can be restored to perfect condition.

It's never been easier to get your photos restored than it is today. Just bring in your photograph and we'll scan it to make a high resolution file to work from digitally. Within about a week, come back to our store to pick up your fully restored print. If for any reason you are not pleased with the work, let us know and we will continue working on it until we meet your expectations.

To find out how much your restoration will cost, just bring in your photo to our store. Our photo professionals will be happy to give you an estimate for restoration once they have an opportunity to inspect your damaged photo.

Estimated Pricing Per Image:

Minimal Editing ($10 - 15) - Removing a few tiny spots, adding text or custom borders, improving slightly faded color, sharpening, other minor work.

Light Retouching & Design ($20 - 35) - Removing small cracks and damaged ares (not including faces), smoothing of skin, correcting improper exposures, adding artistic effects, designing collages, etc.

Medium Restoration ($40 - 60) - Repairing multiple cracked/damaged areas, replacing or extending backgrounds, detailed facial work, more precise color correction.

Standard Restoration ($65 - 100) - Repairing several large damaged areas, correcting significantly faded color, swapping heads/clothing, adding/removing people, detailed work involving two or more people, colorizing of black and white images.

Deluxe Restoration ($105 - 125) - Worst case scenario, but still restorable. This usually only applies to larger photos with very heavy amounts of fading, cracking, tearing, and/or other damage; detailed work on group photos; precisely colorizing detailed black and white images; other labor-intensive work.

We can give a much more accurate estimate if we see the photo in person.