Video Transfer Services

Don't let your memories fade away!

Video tapes deteriorate over time. Do you have home videos of the special events in your life? Perhaps a wedding, the arrival of a baby, school plays, sporting events or just the kids playing around the house? If so, you're in danger of losing them forever! Video tapes lose their magnetic signal with time, and the tape itself can grow brittle and eventually break... EVEN if you never watch them! And when video tapes are copied, each copy loses a bit of the information on the original.

DVDs are better because they:
- maintain video quality for 70 or more years (versus less than 10 for video tape)
- are sealed and have no moving parts (unlike tapes)
- play repeatedly without damage because the player does not touch them!
- can be copied without loss of signal (unlike analog video tape)

Our video transfer services include:
Brand new recorded DVD disc
Custom Color Printing on Disc (with text and/or photo)
Custom Photo Cover DVD case

We can transfer from:
VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8MM, HI8, Digital 8, DV, DVCam, Mini DV
All digital video sources
Slides, prints or digital images (slideshow)
Reels (8mm, Super 8, 16mm) (outsourced)

We can also convert the DVD to an editable digital format. However, tapes must be transferred to DVD first, and conversion is considered a separate service.

Quantity discounts are available. The more tapes you bring in, the less each one will cost.